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They could never have persuaded me that lives like yours were in the hands of these erroneous fools... ♥

a total stranger one black day
knocked living the hell out of me--

who found forgiveness hard because
my(as it happened)self he was

--but now that fiend and i are such
immortal friends the other's each

--- e.e. cummings

watch me spin circles as i disappear



[Avatar the Last Airbender] is the most moral, tried and true, beautiful tale. Everyone in the world should watch it. Wars will stop. If we just had every world conflict sit down with popcorn and have a sleepover and watch the entire thing, we’d all get along and it would be beautiful. Darren Criss

if alan menken isn’t personally writing you a fairytale musical at this very moment, i will hunt him down and beat him senseless with a coat hanger, because you sir, are a disney prince.

Tu vuo fa l’americano…

Tu vuo fa l’americano…

Yep, this happened.
  • Me: No, I understand what you mean. I have really unrealistic expectations of men too.
  • My friend: Aw. What are your expectations?
  • Me: Darren Criss.